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Protecting Yourself Against the Fallout!
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I don't like taking pills so a beverage works. I can drink it on an empty stomach, I've made a "morning ritual" out of it.

- I am glad that once consumed, I've received all my nutrition for the day, I am also less hungry and have lost weight quite naturally.

- I like that they have addressed the heavy metals with Zeolite.

- I also like that they give people as much time as they need to ask questions to understand solutions.

- Even addressing 'FREE SHIPPING". sample gifts and specials - all makes this company one I want to give my business to.

- Laura -
I've been using Boomer Products since it's inception years ago...

I've known Bobby for a very long time, he has helped me with many health issues.
Right now I feel like a teenager! I've been using the Barley 2 & the Boomer Boost, which is the multi-vitamin & I've been using the Pro-Biotic. 
All 3 Products are keeping me Healthy, Young & Energized.
I recommend this product to everyone who is able to get them.

Thank You!
- Jack -
Just plain feel better taking these products, esp. the Boost and Barley!

Sustained Energy during the day, and the Barley makes me feel clean. 
Reading about the company/products on the website plus listening to them, especially Bob, I trust these people and the company.
So glad I found Boomers, By the way... 

- Carly -
"Protecting Yourself Against the Fallout"
Just look up on a clear day and more often than not you will see white lines in the sky that look like someone is playing a giant game of Tic Tac Toe, only what’s being played is no "Game".
More and more individuals around the world are starting to notice the sky being used as a giant gameboard above our heads on a daily basis, and assume that cloud seeding is taking place. 
However, the false assumption that Cloud Seeding Operations and Chemtrails are one in the same, could be affecting you without you even realizing it. 
So Whats the Difference?
  • Cloud Seeding is performed in lower altitudes where rain or Nimbus Clouds accumulate.
  •  Chemtrails are sprayed at much higher altitudes in the stratospheres and create Cirrus Clouds.
In an official Statement by the South Texas Weather Modification Association, when asked if there was any link between Cloud Seeding and Chemtrails?, replied,
“No. STWMA, along with the WMA, is unaware of any connection between cloud seeding as practiced by our program and to what some refer to as “Chemtrails”. Contrails or Chemtrails are normally observed on otherwise clear days, when cloud seeding would not be conducted.” 

This is an accurate statement because these 2 occurrences are simply different... 
Well, cloud seeding is a technique that forces rain clouds to produce more or less rainfall. It uses existing low altitude rain clouds and makes them produce rain by adding in most cases silver iodide. The silver iodide, because of its crystalline structure, is great at using the available moisture in a rain cloud to create more ice crystals that can potentially turn into rain water.
Cloud Seeding is usually done for peoples benefit...
It can help:
  • Ease hurricane damage 
  •  Reduce rain over land (during flood conditions) by forcing rain to fall over the ocean 
  •  Produce more rain during drought and to stop forest fires 
Chemtrails on the other hand produce the opposite result. ..
While Chemtrails do create clouds, they are high altitude clouds with an unnatural repeated pattern. Chemtrails can eliminate the same low altitude rain clouds that are required for Cloud Seeding, consequently warming the atmosphere and the ground. 
While the use of Cloud Seeding techniques is, in most cases, used to help ease the unpredictability and damage caused by natural disasters, it is unclear as to what if any purpose the spraying of High Altitude Chemtrails serves. 
Let's look at the impact that Chemtrails have been found to cause in the Environment...
The absorption of surrounding water by Chemtrails reduces the chances of rain fall and can lead to:
  •  Drought Conditions
  •  Forest Fires
  •  Flash Flooding
The forced failure of rainfall caused by Chemtrails causes infrequent rainfalls to be much heavier than normal.
The combination of extended periods of drought followed by abnormally large rainfall causes flooding conditions.  A drought followed by a flood soon after, devastates crops and produces significant damage to the environment and civilization.
This direct impact to the environment and humans is immediately apparent when natural disasters related to Chemtrails occur...
Over the past decade, independent testing of soils in areas known for Chemtrail spraying has shown a dangerous, extremely poisonous brew that includes:
  • barium
  •  nano aluminum-coated fiberglass [known as CHAFF] 
  •  radioactive thorium 
  •  cadmium 
  •  chromium 
  •  nickel 
  •  desiccated blood 
  •  mold spores 
  •  yellow fungal mycotoxins 
  •  ethylene dibromide
  •   polymer fibers 

Lets look at just a few of the materials in Chemtrails that are known to Negatively Impact Health ...

- Barium is known to adversely affect the heart.
- Aluminum has a history of damaging brain function.
But worst of all, would be the elevated exposure to Radioactive Thorium...
Thorium exposure damages DNA in the form of SNPs.
These SNPs or Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms result in the creation of inaccurate proteins and enzymes in the body, resulting in the inability to produce important tumor suppressor factors, that help kill cancer as it forms.
Multiple SNPs to your DNA can have a detrimental effect on the structure and function of cells and can raise the risk of developing cancer and other disease.
During the repair of SNPs, primarily one gene in the pair, is being repaired. The opposite gene has remained intact. The bodies repair mechanism identifies the characteristics of the still perfect gene in the pair, then transcribes the information, and assembles the appropriate Amino Acids into a repairing patch. 
This process requires sufficient Amino Acids and Metabolic Enzymes in therapeutic doses and specific ratios that had not been formulated up until recently.
Cells Respond to the damage from SNPs in 3 Ways:
  •  Senescence- A cellular state characterized by dormancy, refusal to participate in desirable programmed cellular death. This results in the presence of millions of damaged cells that refuse to die and make way for fresh new cells.
  • Apoptosis- Cellular death. In the case of exposure to radioactive material, excessive cellular death occurs, potentially leading to malfunction or failure of an organ or the entire organism. 
  •  Unregulated Cellular Division- A cellular state in which particular cells in a body cease to respond to normal growth controls, accompanied by the transformation of the cells from aerobic to anaerobic, resulting in Cancerous tumors.
Luckily... Advancements in Modern Nutraceutical Science have provided us with Powerful Remedies for Detoxification, Rebuilding and Renewal…
First, We DETOXIFY...
 The King of all Antioxidant Enzymes, Super Oxide Dismutase or SOD has finally been captured & stabilized...
For the first time ever, this Pac Man Like Molecule is available in affordable & abundant amounts.
Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) helps to remove a majority of the toxins we absorb from Chemtrails.
Specially formulated liquid Zeolite removes what SOD cannot...
 Zeolite is a Honey comb structured molecule that attracts Heavy Metals, & particularly radioactive material like Thorium, that SOD cannot cleanse.
New formulations of Zeolite are now available and can be taken for many months without damaging the heart as it used to. 
Second, We REBUILD...
Scientifically backed Nutritional Supplements provide everything your body needs to Rebuild Healthy Cells & Tissue.
Years of research in Nutritional Science has now created the Perfect Synergistic Mix of Vitamins, Minerals and Specialty Nutrients that the body requires to achieve optimal health in an Easy To Use Drink.
Third, We RENEW...
During the Rebuilding process, cells need to be Renewed, and 
these 2 Natural Supplements know how.
Resveratrol + Quercetin Triggers Youthful Gene Expression by Removing Old Cells...
When you combine Resveratrol with Quercetin, now available in capsules, forced Cellular Apoptosis of Senescent Cells results.
This forced action clears away the damaged or “Garbage” cells making way for
New, Fresh & Healthy cells to take over.
After these "Garbage" cells are removed, New, Healthy cells created by stem cells take their place...
Compounds like blue-green algae, now available in pill form, force bone marrow to produce and release larger amounts of your own stem cells to Renew cells & tissue.
Releasing more stem cells in your body speeds up the cell replacement process and revivatizes the tissues and organs in the body. 
No one knows if or when the Chemtrails will cease...
but regardless of the presence of Chemtrails in our Environment,
 other Inescapable Environmental Toxins like...
  • Tire Dust
  •  Car Exhaust
  •  Smog
  •  Nuclear Fallout from Fukushima
  •  Radiation from Cell Phones and Tablets
  •  Molds & Fungi
 Are all being absorb by your body and causing SNPs in your DNA on a daily basis and an accumulation of Toxins that effect your health negatively. 
By understanding the causes and effects of Environmentat toxins, and utilizing these specific powerful Nutraceutical Breakthroughs, we can...
 Detoxify, Rebuild and Renew
our bodies Efficiently and Completely 
regardless of the source of Toxicity.
Learn the Science Behind Boomer's 
Total Power Detox Rebuild + Renew
Boomer Barley can rid the Body of:
  •  Removes intracellular and extracellular debris that accumulates as we age.
  •  Neutralizes superoxide to eliminate cellular oxidation.
  •  Eliminates Environmental Toxins  
  •  Removes Molds & Fungi
Boomer Zeolite helps remove:
  • Radioactive Isotopes
  •  barium 
  •  nano aluminum-coated fiberglass [known as CHAFF]
  •  radioactive thorium
  •  cadmium 
  •  chromium 
  •  nickel 
  •  ethylene di-bromide 
  •  mercury 
  •  arsenic 
  •  benzene 
  •  aluminum
Boomer Boost Helps Create:
  • New, Healthy Cells & Tissue
  •  Natural Energy
  •  Mental Clarity & Focus
  •  Increased Vitality & Libido
Boomer Super Muscadine Helps:
  • Remove old, inefficient cells
  •  Trigger Apoptosis
  •  Eliminate Cancer Stem Cells
StemRelease 3 Helps:
  • Increase Natural Stem Cell Production
  •  Support Telomere Health
  •  Provide Additional Antioxidant Support
Boomer Barley & Zeolite 
Boomer Barley contains Stabilized Superoxide Dismutase...
Boomer Barley contains the Master Antioxidant known as Superoxide Dismutase or SOD in stabilized form. This amazing protein is extremely efficient and effective at removing many of the problematic Toxins that accumulate in our body. 
From Environmental Toxins like those found in Chemtrails, to the Free Radicals we create on a daily basis as our body grows and ages, Superoxide Dismutase acts as the first line of defense in the removal of Toxins and Free Radicals from the Body.
 Boomer Zeolite helps Remove what SOD Cannot...
Heavy Metals & Esoteric man made toxins require specially structured compounds to extricate them from your body
Boomer Zeolite is a breakthrough supplement that works at the cellular level by trapping heavy metals and toxins and safely removing them from the body.
 Zeolite is also very effective at removing radiation, as shown in the cleanup after the Chernobyl nuclear accident. Affected individuals showed a 30% reduction in radioactive isotopes after the very first application of Zeolite.
Boomer's new formulation of Zeolite is now available and can be taken for many months without damaging the heart as regular zeolite used to.
Boomer Boost 
Boomer Boost provides Everything your Body needs to Rebuild Healthy Cells & Tissue...
Boomer Boost is scientifically formulated with 70 Essential Vitamins, Minerals & Specialty Nutrients in the precise ratios to stimulate Healthy Cell & Tissue Regeneration. 
The generation of these new healthy cells & tissues will help to positively affect every vital organ and system in your body,
naturally maximizing Energy, Vitality & Libido.
Boomer's Super Muscadine & StemRelease3 
Boomer's Super Muscadine 
Triggers Youthful Gene Expression by 
clearing away the "Garbage" cells...
Boomer's Super Muscadine combines the power of Resveratrol & Quercetin in one Easy to Use capsule.  
Recent studies show the combination of these 2 powerful Antioxidants are proven to speed up the death of old Inefficient cells that take up room in your body and cause premature aging at the genetic level.
The Clearing away of these "garbage" cells makes room for Renewed cells & tissue to take over.
StemRelease3 speeds up production of 
New Healthy Cells...
Stemrelease3 contains StemRelease, a revolutionary blend of 3 exotic, plant-based ingredients, including Blue-Green Algae, to provide a significant increase in the release of your body’s own stem cells.  
Releasing more stem cells in your body speeds up the cell replacement process and revivatizes the tissues and organs in the body.
The Story Behind Boomers Forever Young
Larry Daudelin and Bob Gilpatrick started Boomers Forever Young in 2010.
While working together on numerous projects, Bob who is a holistic health therapist began helping Larry (then 65 years old) with different health problems that are typically seen in people his age. That is a person with 20 bottles of vitamin pills on top of their refrigerator, numerous prescription medications and very poor health.

Using his experience of 20 years in holistic nutrition, Bob helped Larry craft a comprehensive nutrition program for the purpose of restoring his health. After two months, Larry had lost many pounds of fat, gained significant energy, reduced his prescription medications and looked visibly younger.
Larry was scheduled for two surgeries that were able to be postponed as the pain and dysfunction was reversed. Another 4 months went by and Larry lost 20 more pounds of fat. Additionally he was able to eliminate the last of his many prescription drugs.

Ecstatic at his dramatic turnaround Larry suggested that Boomers Forever Young be created so the protocols that helped him could be used to help many other people. 

In the 5 years Boomers Forever Young has been around, they have helped hundred's of people to Detoxify, Rebuild and Renew their Wellness. 
Detoxify, Rebuild & Renew before it's TOO LATE!
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